Worship With Wesley

2 years ago it was the very end of the semester.  We were wrapping up school year Wesley stuff with our last few events.  At one of the last Wesley Mobile House meetups of the semester this guy showed up with Carson Yeager.  I did my usual thing and asked him his name, what year, and where he’s from. He said his name was Corbin, he was finishing his first year but he had transferred in at the semester, and he was from Kansas City.  It turns out we were from the same town outside of KC. I then found out that he was a musician and had a passion for worship. So I invited him to play guitar and help lead at our Night Of Worship that next week.  He did and the rest is history. Corbin has shaped what Wesley House worship is today. He has built an incredible team of musicians and worship leaders. He has helped Wesley House create an identity as a place of worship. Many of you are very aware of all that Corbin does both in front of people and behind the scenes.  One of those the gifts he has offered us is a Wesley House Worship playlist. Add this to your rotation and see how your heart and mind can turn towards your creator. Check out the note from Corbin and playlist below. Blessings.


This playlist has meant a lot to me. Not only has it been a running catalogue of all the songs the Wesley Band plays, but it is a place I can go for rest in Christ. It is a reliable set of songs that I know will always put me in a better head and heart space – especially in challenging times like these.


Here is the official Apple Playlist made by Corbin.

And if you are a Spotify fan instead, thank Alex Fassnacht.

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