A Tribute to Our Seniors

By Sean McDonald How do you measure the success of a ministry?  There is an initial compulsion to equate size, number, and attendance with achievement.  Bigger is better right?  At least that is what we are told.  However, most of us know that this isn’t an adequate way to determine if we are actually accomplishingContinue reading “A Tribute to Our Seniors”

Find me in the River

A couple of months ago, I was just watching tv when I saw it. The trailer. I saw KJ Apa’s face and I was immediately drawn in (I mean who isn’t??), then I heard his name, Jeremy Camp. I grew up with his name. His voice and his faith surrounding me on every car tripContinue reading “Find me in the River”

Solomon Builds

Incase you missed Midweek Bible Study – Here is a breakdown for you! 1 Kings 5-6 Background                Already heading into this week’s reading we know a couple of things: first, that Solomon is the son of David who was an amazing king of Israel (although broken himself) and united God’s people. His leadership skillsContinue reading “Solomon Builds”

The belly of a fish

Jonah Background                Caution: this book is so weird. The first time we hear about the prophet Jonah of Israel (God’s people) is during the reign of King Jeroboam II, Israel’s worst king (2 Kings 14). Jonah prophesied over Jeroboam that he would have favor in battle and win back a lot of Israel’s northernContinue reading “The belly of a fish”

Jesus we love you…

If you didn’t know, Corbin Healy is on our leadership team for Wesley House and his role is Worship. Corbins heart for setting the space for us to engage with the spirit has blessed me and Andrew far beyond what we could imagine. He has worked passionately and diligently this year to make sure thatContinue reading “Jesus we love you…”

Wisdom Changes Everything

This week kicks off HPUMC’s newest bible reading plan. With that, our Midweek Bible Study will be following along and meeting to work through the content. We hope you will join us in reading and for our discussion based off of this Wisdom Literature. Here is the link to get the reading plan. Just downloadContinue reading “Wisdom Changes Everything”