Be Still

I am finding that my regular rhythm of life has been totally decimated in this current season.  With that, it is easy for me to forget what is most important. So, I am actively working to create a new rhythm and routine.  I hope you will join me. Don’t waste this time. If you missed The Digital Table this week, we have a few special things for you today.  

1.  We made a short video of my teaching.  Enjoy.

Andrew Beard 3/31 – Be Still

2.  A challenge to pray Psalm 46 for the next 46 days.  There are 46 days left in the semester. So from now until you would have been home.  Each day, pray this. Stop. Be Still. And know that God is God. (see the app link below to make this extremely easy)

3.  Add this song called Be Still by The Fray into your rotation.  If you haven’t had a good cry lately…this may be what you are looking for.

Listen on Apple Music

Listen on Spotify

4. Download the Echo Prayer App.  We’ll be using it to help connect everyone in prayer.  Follow this link to the Wesley Prayer Feed…and download the app. You can even choose the Psalm 46 prayer request and set a reminder to pray each day at a certain time and it will send you a notification.

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