A Holy In-Between

Saturday.  Holy Saturday.  This day is caught between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  It’s a day that is absent of the shock of Good Friday, but without the revelation of resurrection on Easter Sunday.  It isn’t the beginning of the journey, but it is also not the end. Holy Saturday for us is a day we dye Easter eggs, get the last groceries before Easter morning, and prepare for the festivities.  We do that because we know what is coming. A giant bunny who hides plastic eggs around your house and yard with candy and money kind of like a subpar Santa. No wait…resurrection. That is what is coming. 

2000 years ago Holy Saturday was the first day of the new reality the followers of Jesus found themselves in.  The one who lifted up those who had been kept down, the one who called the ordinary to extraordinary, the one who empowered the powerless, freed the captives, healed the hurt, and found the lost was now dead and gone.  Would his teaching be gone? Would his new ways of seeing each other and seeing the world be gone? Would he just be a footnote in history? Without them knowing what was to come just one day later, yes. It was all over and gone. 

But we know the end, we know how this thing works out.  We know that even though Friday is dark, Sunday is brilliant.  But we’re not there yet in the Easter story…and if we are honest, we aren’t there yet in our own lives.  Yes, of course Jesus has defeated sin and death. Yes, he has broken the power of canceled sin and brought us new life.  Yes, we are not bound to a difficult day like Saturday 2000 years ago. While at the same time, things in this life are not quite as they should be.  Things in this life are a bit unstable, a little hopeless at times, and we find ourselves asking, is this our new reality? Are the ways that we knew or hoped for dead and gone? 

We are living in a Holy Saturday.  We are living in a time caught between creation and eternity.  Caught between Heaven and Hell. Caught between the way things were supposed to be and the way they will be.  The in-between can be a difficult place. It is hard for us to see much hope, much silver lining, and much to celebrate in the in-between.  But I would like to let you in on a little secret.

We call this day Holy Saturday.  Holy means set apart for God. Dedicated for God.  That Saturday was Sabbath for Jewish people. A day of rest and worship while Jesus was at work.  They spent the day not working, but reflecting. Now what if we are in a Holy time. A sabbath of sorts.  A time set apart for God. Dedicated to God. A time of rest and worship, while Jesus is at work in our lives?  That is an in-between I want to be a part of. That in-between is something that has meaning and purpose. That in-between can see where we were and where we are going.  So stop and take in the Holy In-Between. Live in the tension and know that it should be set aside for God. If we live everyday knowing that, yesterday wasn’t awesome but tomorrow can be, we tip the needle in the direction of hope. There is hope for tomorrow.  There is hope in a Savior who is at work. It’s not the sting of yesterday or the sweetness of tomorrow. But good news, tomorrow is coming.

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