Jesus we love you…

If you didn’t know, Corbin Healy is on our leadership team for Wesley House and his role is Worship. Corbins heart for setting the space for us to engage with the spirit has blessed me and Andrew far beyond what we could imagine. He has worked passionately and diligently this year to make sure that we are situated at the feet of Jesus everytime we gather, whether that be at the Table each week, a night of worship at Wesley House, or in Cornerstone when we do a “takeover”. Truly, the Table would not be what it is without Corbins relentless search for meaning, beauty, and excellence in pure worship. He gives us energy to dream outside of the box…and for all these reasons we are so excited to have Corbin guest post tonight about a song that means a lot to him!


Hey everyone.

I hope you are having the best of days as you read this. Words cannot describe how much I miss each and every one of you. 

Something you may not know about me is how I function in social settings. Spending time in large social gatherings is enjoyable, but always requires much time working up to the situation and much time decompressing afterwards. And let me tell ya, I am recharged to the max. I have never craved being around a group of people like this in my life. Guess who comprises that group…


Today I wanted to share with you a song which has meant a lot to me in the past year. A “Corbin Classic®” some might say. That song is “Jesus We Love You” by Bethel Music and Paul McClure. Throughout the past year of playing and leading hundreds of worship songs, this one never fails to bring me to tears (which I’m confident you have seen if you look closely during Nights of Worship). Let’s jump into the lyrics and meaning of this piece. 

Personally, I section this song into four moments: verses (including pre-chorus), chorus, bridge, and finale. Let’s talk verses. 

Looking at the verses we immediately and undeniably can identify truth. Timely truth at that. Some verse lines which stand out to me the most include:

 “Old things have passed away, Your love has stayed the same,” 

“You lift our weary head, You make us strong instead,” and 

“This will be our anthem song.” 

To me, these lines cut deep into the lies the enemy whispers to me every day. Maybe you can relate. How often do we tend to hold onto things which bring us occasional twinges of regret or shame? How often do tend to think we are in no way equipped to get through our past, present, or future problems? For me, the answer is far too often. But truthful words like these never fail to remind me that my strength comes not from me, but from the Lord. Because of this, I feel no other option but attempting to make Christ’s love and truth the anthem of my life. And that’s where the chorus comes in. So, let’s talk chorus. 

Wow. What a chorus. I legitimately cannot think of a time I sang this and was not choked up. Although this song as a whole is great, the chorus’s simplicity is what really speaks to me. 

“Jesus we love you, you are the one our hearts adore.” 

What more needs be uttered in a time of worship? Nothing in my opinion. These lines cut straight to the point. Lord, we love You! 

Having led worship for several years now, I have had the opportunity to play a wide variety of songs. Some rather complex, some rather simple. Not that there is anything wrong with lyrically complex songs, but I tend to gravitate toward songs which are simpler. I think it is easy for worship songs to sometimes drift into telling God a story about us when in reality the story is, or should be, about Him. And that is what I love about this chorus. It utters the one thing our Lord desires to hear the most: We love You. 

Let’s talk bridge. 

Like the chorus, the bridge offers much meaning and depth by only using ten words. 

“Our affection, our devotion, poured out on the feet of Jesus.”

Not only do I love the reappearance of simplicity here, but I love the imagery of laying our affection and devotion at the feet of our King. Traditionally, we associate laying our sin at Christ’s feet, so I think this is a great way to remain humble in our presentation of ALL things to the Savior. In no way should we elevate ourselves – including the ways in which we lift praises to God. 

Now to my favorite part of this entire song. What I call the finale.

Do me a favor, pull up the track of this song and fast forward it to 6:26 timestamp. Now close your eyes and listen closely. 

What do you hear?

I hear what I hope heaven to sound like. I hear hundreds of voices joined together like an assembly of angels simply confessing their honest, genuine love for the Father. And here’s the best part: the crickets are joining them. 

I know that may sound cheesy, but I truly believe ALL of creation has an understanding of God’s greatness – even the crickets. I never fail to get choked up hearing ALL of God’s beautiful creation telling Him the one thing His heart longs to hear: we love You. 

I hope you can now hear this song a little differently. 

Sincerely, thank you for reading.

Have a good one,


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