And he will flee from you

As I’ve been talking to many of you and hearing your deepest prayer requests, I hear in the innermost parts of your heart that through this you do not want to lose your connection with the Lord. That as so many things appear to stand in the way of getting spiritually filled and feeling unitedContinue reading “And he will flee from you”

Graves Into Gardens

A few weeks ago it started to wear on me not being with Wesley House students.  I started missing worship with you. I started missing The Table in its pre digital form.  I started missing Nights of Worship. I started missing retreat and the times of worship on retreat.   Around that same time, Alyssa sentContinue reading “Graves Into Gardens”

Stepping into Scripture

Reading Scripture as a Spiritual Discipline Similar to prayer, scripture reading is one of the most commonly practiced spiritual disciplines amongst Christians.  Not a single Sunday goes by where scripture is not read in some form or fashion. There is an entire industry of daily devotionals dedicated to providing daily scripture reading for you andContinue reading “Stepping into Scripture”

Sliders and Sangria

Wesley has been taking retreats for years. Our menu has varied on these retreats, but there was a time when every saturday lunch looked the same…THESE AMAZING AND SIMPLE SLIDERS. For Wesley Hour, we simplify our food, but since most of you are home with others I thought I would bulk this one up aContinue reading “Sliders and Sangria”