Move More

Exercise  In our last segment on spiritual disciplines we talked about prayer.  Today I want to talk about the importance of physical activity. Initially it may seem as if exercise would not qualify as a spiritual discipline. However, we will see that scripture tells us otherwise and when we care for our physical wellbeing weContinue reading “Move More”

Midweek – Philemon

Letters From Prison Question: Have you ever had to convince someone to do something that you knew that they wouldn’t like?  Maybe you had to really think of how you were going to craft your argument in order to lead that person to the conclusion that you want them to reach.  If you haven’t hadContinue reading “Midweek – Philemon”

Pretzels and Pineapple

Ready for this weeks Wesley Hour? We are sticking with the buffalo theme in the case you still have some of that Franks hot sauce on hand! This is a simple and tasty snack…and is also awesome if you throw these in a bowl of popcorn! The drink is a standard party punch and IContinue reading “Pretzels and Pineapple”

Holy Week

This week is one of the most important weeks in the Christian calendar.  It is a week that is complex. A week that is filled with shouts of celebration, rich teachings, sobering realizations, promises made, promises broken, betrayal, lies, denials, hypocrisy, shouts of hate, murder, death, and resurrection.  It is a week that both beginsContinue reading “Holy Week”