Dear Wesley,

I am Melissa Brill and will be graduating this week (from home) with a degree in civil engineering. There were highs and lows along the way but we made it! Grateful that today I get to share how Wesley impacted and enriched my SMU experience. 

If there is one thing I know about God, it is that He can work in our lives through even the smallest events or details. I know this to be true because the reason I stumbled into Wesley my freshman year was my toothbrush holder.

Let me back up. I attended Night at the Club but I honestly don’t remember meeting the Beards or anyone else from Wesley. But, apparently, I picked up a marketing item for “The Well”. And for some reason I appointed that plastic cup to be my toothbrush holder. Fast forward a few weeks and I’m brushing my teeth a quarter ‘til 8, just before the Well began, and I felt a nudge from God to go. From that first service, I knew it was a place I wanted to be. God’s perfect timing and orchestration of the details never cease to amaze me! 

Over the past four years Wesley has given me a lot. New friends, worship nights, mentorship, a host family, biblical teachings, encouragement, and a greater desire to be in communion with the Lord. What better way to express my gratitude for this ministry than to name the fruits of the spirit that this ministry exemplifies. While I fully believe all 9 fruits are present in this ministry, I’ll stick with 3 for brevity’s sake. 

Peace– Peace was walking into Cox Chapel during a hard week when nothing else was going right and being warmly greeted by friends. It was centering prayer that gave me moments of calm in a schedule that otherwise had no margin. It was the continual teachings I heard that reminded me that ultimately my life is in His control, no matter how hard I try to micromanage it.

Joy– Joy was going on the HPUMC high school mission trip with Wesley friends and belting out worship songs at the top of my lungs. Joy was crepe nights before finals and unwinding with friends. Joy was girl’s nights at the house and painting nails, eating snacks, and spending quality time with girlfriends. 

Kindness- Kindness was the girls in my united group who offered an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on. My amazing host family, the Luries, who were always there for me and showered me with generosity. It was the small things too, like going to the Wesley House and there being a hot pot of coffee. The care I was shown by this community points me back to the Lord and His continual kindness to all of us. I am grateful. 

Evan, Ryan, Melissa, and Carson on Spring Retreat 2017

Wesley was a safe-haven for my 4 years at SMU. It gave me a place to rest in the Lord and see His goodness while growing my relationship and reliance on Him. I pray that everyone below me can also have an impactful experience in Wesley and see the work of the living God in their lives too. 

Thank you Wesley!!! 

Melissa Brill

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