Wesley Leadership: Elizabeth

Ali and Elizabeth

Hi everyone! My name is Elizabeth Hamill, and I’m part of the Discipleship team this year! This will be my third year as a part of Wesley, and if we haven’t met, I totally want to meet you and connect with you! Being a part of the Wesley community has, without a doubt, changed my life, and I’m so grateful for each of you.  If you’ve been around Wesley for a while, you’ve probably seen me singing with the worship team—which I LOVE. But aside from worship, another passion of mine is, really, just people. It’s all of you. And being in meaningful relationships with you. 

I always have trouble explaining what Wesley is to friends and family back home because it’s really not your typical campus ministry; it’s so much more! But my favorite way to think about Wesley is that it is as close as I have ever gotten or seen to living like the early church did. We don’t just worship together, although that’s a huge part; we eat together, study together, share knowledge, and walk with each other through the everyday. What’s amazing to me is that in Acts 2, Luke shows us that while early Christians were doing everyday things together, they devoted themselves to becoming more and more like Jesus. To me, that is what discipleship is all about: we are spending time together, not just in friendship, but with our eyes fixed on Jesus and a deeper purpose of becoming more like him as the Holy Spirit works within us. 

I’m so excited to be part of the discipleship team and to watch the Holy Spirit work in us as we seek meaningful relationships with each other and with Him. I’m hungry, and I’m ready to go deeper—I hope you are too! And I hope you’re excited for this fall because, even though it might be different, I know God is up to something so good. I can’t wait to see you!

So much love, Elizabeth

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