Before You – Pascal

Have you ever wondered if being a Christian even makes sense?  Is it even reasonable to have faith in an unseen God?  Maybe people around you have called you foolish for believing what you believe.  If this is the case, I assure you that you are not the first person to think this…not even close. Continue reading “Before You – Pascal”

A song for the broken // Be Still

Hey Wesley! My name is Christian, and as crazy as it is to say, I will be a senior at SMU next year. My Wesley story started later than most; I came to two Wells (iykyk) my freshman year while I was still figuring out where I belonged, but second semester of my sophomore yearContinue reading “A song for the broken // Be Still”

I dont really know.

I don’t really know anything.  I would love as a leader in the faith, as a person who has worked as a pastor for 15 years that I would have good, insightful words to help navigate our world we live in right now.  Unfortunately, I have almost nothing to bring to the table.  So whatContinue reading “I dont really know.”