Wesley Leadership: Jules

Hey y’all! My name is Jules Arata and I am the other half of the street team this year! I am going into my senior year at SMU (yikes that is terrifyingly exciting), and I am so excited to be a part of the team to help lead Wesley this year! I spend most of my time outside of class or sleep at the house because I love constantly being in community and growing in my own faith and pushing others in their own. I have met a lot of my closest friends through Wesley and I am excited to continue growing in those relationships and create new ones! This is gonna look like one crazy year of change, but hopefully one centered on and pointed towards Jesus!

I am so pumped for street team and all that it is about! Sarah Beard has said that I could make friends with a lamp post because I love cultivating community that much! Morgan and I are so excited about creating new ways to grow Wesley amidst this crazy season of life, and ultimately welcome as many as we can into our favorite community on campus. 

I truly cannot wait to go through life with each of you, and get to know you this year (especially if you aren’t a lamp post☺) I am always available to talk, laugh, study, procrastinate, or bake sweet treats! If any of that sounds up your alley, I’m your girl! I am so dang excited for what this year will hold and just how we will glorify the Lord through it all!


Kylie, Morgan, Jules, Kendall, Claire

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