Wesley Leadership: Catie

Hi everyone! My name is Catie George (on the right), and I am a part of the discipleship team this year! This will be my second year at SMU and Wesley, and I already feel like Wesley House has changed my life so much! Almost everyone I know and love I met at Wesley, and I am so excited to keep getting connected to people within the community! I am a people person, and LOVE to talk (it’s a bit of a problem, according to my professors)! I can’t wait to connect to everyone in a new way through this role.

Discipleship team is focused on — wait for it — discipleship! Small groups and one-on-one connections are not only super important, but also where I’ve personally felt Christ speaking to me the most. When followers of Christ are together and ministering to each other in every area of each others’ lives, that’s where we have the opportunity to grow. Going through life with fellow Wesleans — worshiping together, living together, studying together, eating together — is where I’ve come to know Jesus personally and hope others will feel the same. 

I can’t wait to go through life with you, and get to know you this year! If you ever want to chat and get food or coffee, don’t hesitate to reach out! I am so pumped to get back on campus this fall and see all of your beautiful faces!

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