David Takes the Throne

The set up for this last section is this: David was supposed to be fighting AGAINST the Israelites on the side of the Philistines. He was “voted off the island” by the philistines to return to his home to find everything ravaged and all the women and children gone. He went to find the Amalekites, who had attacked them, found them, and got all of their people back as well as the spoils of the attack and all the riches from the Amalekites. David made enough in riches to pay back all the places where he and his men had roamed…At this exact time, Saul was freaking out about this battle with the Philistines and went to see a Medium whom he then asked to bring Samuel back from the dead to see what was going to happen to him. Samuel acutally showed up and told him that he and his sons will die the next day in battle (this battle that David was supposed to be fighting in). Saul leaves to go out to battle. 

Before we get into chapter 31, note that chapters 29 and 30 run simultaneously with chapter 31. 

Lets dig in! 

Read 1 Samuel 31:1-13

In Vs 4 we see that Saul cares more about how he dies/whose hand takes his life than the fact that he is dying. He asked his armor bearer to kill him, but he won’t. So Saul falls on his own sword. 

When this battle is over Saul and ALL those who would have taken the throne are dead. I believe this is an insane “setting of the stage.” some might say that God set this up for David’s arrival – The Israelites have no king and no one to succeed the throne. 

The Philistines have destroyed king Saul and made a mockery of him by hanging his headless body in a public place for all to see. Then we see men, called valiant, basically say, “this is not right.” they went and got Sauls body and his sons bodies, and burned them, (proper burial) and then they fasted for 7 days. They were mourning!

Chapt 1, picks up right away. 

2 Samuel 1:1

The day that David conquered the amalekites was only 3 days earlier. 

2 Samuel 1:2-10

What do we learn here about the man, where did he come from? The Amalekites!  Who did David literally just conquer? The Amalekites!

Where did he take the crown? To David…WHAT?

The offering of these emblems of royalty shows that the Amalekite recognised David as the future king, a recognition which most of the tribes of Israel were unwilling to make for a long time.

2 Samuel 1:11-16

David must have been ruined at hearing about Jonathan’s death, and the reaction to Saul’s death shows that David held Saul in such high regard that he felt that punishment was due for taking Saul’s life.

2 Samuel 1:17-27

This is Davids Lament for Saul and Jonathan. 

To me, vs 23 stands out. In life and in death they were not divided. It paints this picture to me that even though David and Saul were at “war” and David and Jonathan were best friends, there was never anything that stood between Saul and Jonathan. They made each other stronger. 

2 sam 2:1-7

After the mourning for Saul and Jonathan, David inquired of the lord.

He was then anointed King over the house of Judah.

How beautiful it is to see that David’s first act as king was to honor others. As we have seen and will continue to see in David’s life, he is absolutely consistent. As he lives and breathes he is as human as us. He is put in lots of situations where he can choose faithfulness or rejection of the Lord. Anytime David falters we see him turn his eyes to the Lord and respond in sincere repentance and obedience. This is what it means to be a “man after God’s own heart.” 

I pray that the road to the throne has been insightful for you. I pray that you have seen things that have reignited your love for scripture and you have a deeper understanding of what it means to seek God in all you do!

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