tempted beyond…

1 Corinthians 10:12-13

Well, this starts out a little scary. “When you think you are doing a great job, you might fall!!” This is such a lesson for the Corinthians at the time and for us today. What verse 12 is pointing to here is a directive for us to not think that we are in control of the situation. When we begin to think so highly of ourselves, pride, they say, comes before the fall. When we begin to become prideful we open ourselves up to start believing that we know what is best for us, and we become the leader instead of God…because we THINK we are standing firm. We just always need to be turning over leadership to the Lord.

We will end up in situations where we are tempted. Sometimes when we are being tempted, it is easy to feel as if we are all alone.  Forced to endure struggles that are completely unique to “me” and to “me alone”.  But this is certainly how the evil one wants you to feel.  As it says in verse 13, our God is a faithful God.  Even in the midst of the toughest temptation we are not alone.  With this understanding comes a certain strength to know that while the temptation may feel great, our God is greater and always by our side.  This means that no matter what is thrown at you is not only something that others have experienced before you, but that you will also overcome.  And if you throw back to our verse from a few weeks ago, you will remember that God has equipped us…not with fear, but with power, love, and self control.

College is a time of great temptation.  You are exposed to things you never knew existed: things that the world tells you are important and that you should do.  However, if you know that these things go against what God asks of you, then you are called to stand strong but never alone.  Take courage in knowing that what comes your way will be overcome and always with God by your side. 

I think this is the verse that gets hijacked. I have heard people say “The Lord will not give you more than you can handle.” Do you see how 1 Cor. 10:13 could sound a bit like that? Unfortunately, 1. I don’t believe that that is true. 2. This is not what this verse is saying.

  1. I believe we are faced with things we cannot handle all the time, thus our need for a savior. Obviously there are times when all the things are just too much for our frail humanity…but with God, all things are possible. His yoke is easy and burden is light. This verse does not point to us not having more on our plate than we can hold at all.
  2. The beauty of this verse is that it says that WHEN we face temptation. No doubt it will happen and when it does, God will provide a way out. Why? “so that you can endure it.” What a gift. This is a bottom line. Temptation itself does not lead to falling into sin, by any means.

So what do these verses tell us. Pride leads us to temptation, and when it does we don’t have to succumb to it. Temptation is common. Literally every man faces it. But, EVERY TEMPTATION IS TO BE OVERCOME. Our father has made a way for us to choose to follow Him and has equipped us to endure it without buying into it.

Do you find yourself facing the same temptation over and over again?

Are there things you could do to keep yourself out of the way of temptation?

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