take heart…

John 16:33

This text is a such a helpful one to have written on our hearts. It is confirming something that we all hate to hear and don’t want to accept or believe as truth. But then, It offers us the most unexpected hope. The reality is, for us, sometimes it is easier to accept the fact that there will be trouble in this world than the the action and truth that follow; Take heart dear one, God has overcome these things.

So, here is a bit of honesty. We put these cards out almost a month ago and I am just now realizing that this verse is missing the first half. The first half is equally important. Here is what it says. “I have told you these things so that in Me you may have peace.” Jesus is speaking to them about how he is going to be alone and the disciples will be scattered and scared. Everything they have done over the course of the last 3 years is going to be not only challenged, but dismantled as they crucify the man they have called their Messiah! But Jesus says, “you need to have peace, and you need to know that I will physically be alone, but I AM NOT ALONE! The Father, God, is with me.” Jesus is saying that his God’s presence, although not physical, is absolutely powerful!

For some reason, there is this idea that once we become Christians, all our problems will go away.  All it takes is 5 minutes to realize that this is not true.  In this verse, Jesus recognizes that difficulties in this world are inevitable.  But the verse does not end there.  Jesus goes on to say that we should take heart in knowing that He has overcome the world.  You may be thinking to yourself, “but Jesus is God so of course he can make it through struggles”.  While this is true, keep in mind that Jesus was completely human.  He did, felt, and experienced everything that we do.  Jesus is a perfect example for us.  The reason God became human was to show us that living a certain way is possible and more importantly when we focus on God, there is no amount of trouble that can defeat you as you walk with the HOLY ONE. 

Perhaps you are experiencing troubles in your young college journey.  Take heart in knowing that this is to be expected. Life is not easy. But just like trouble is to be expected, so is God being with you.  When trouble arises, take heart because just like Jesus, God will see you through it.  

For us, this looks like living forward with an expectant hope. It is living and trusting knowing that God is who he says he is. Peace. Comfort. Company. Bigger than this world.

Have you experienced a time when you have felt like God was more than the troubles you were facing?

If you are experiencing a time when you feel like the troubles are bigger than what the King has to offer you, spend some time with God, pour out your heart and your fears. Find someone who is also chasing God to talk to about this.

Here is a song you may know but maybe haven’t listened to it in a long time. Check this out and pay close attention to the words.

Grace and abundant peace to you!

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