You shall never return that way again…

1 Kings 10-11:13 The Fall We know from last week that God’s presence fills the elaborate temple that Solomon put so much time, resources, effort, and manpower into building. Now God can tabernacle or “dwell” with His people. “Then Solomon said, ‘The Lord has said that he would dwell in a dark cloud; I haveContinue reading “You shall never return that way again…”

Solomon Builds

Incase you missed Midweek Bible Study – Here is a breakdown for you! 1 Kings 5-6 Background                Already heading into this week’s reading we know a couple of things: first, that Solomon is the son of David who was an amazing king of Israel (although broken himself) and united God’s people. His leadership skillsContinue reading “Solomon Builds”

The belly of a fish

Jonah Background                Caution: this book is so weird. The first time we hear about the prophet Jonah of Israel (God’s people) is during the reign of King Jeroboam II, Israel’s worst king (2 Kings 14). Jonah prophesied over Jeroboam that he would have favor in battle and win back a lot of Israel’s northernContinue reading “The belly of a fish”

Wisdom Changes Everything

This week kicks off HPUMC’s newest bible reading plan. With that, our Midweek Bible Study will be following along and meeting to work through the content. We hope you will join us in reading and for our discussion based off of this Wisdom Literature. Here is the link to get the reading plan. Just downloadContinue reading “Wisdom Changes Everything”

And he will flee from you

As I’ve been talking to many of you and hearing your deepest prayer requests, I hear in the innermost parts of your heart that through this you do not want to lose your connection with the Lord. That as so many things appear to stand in the way of getting spiritually filled and feeling unitedContinue reading “And he will flee from you”

Stepping into Scripture

Reading Scripture as a Spiritual Discipline Similar to prayer, scripture reading is one of the most commonly practiced spiritual disciplines amongst Christians.  Not a single Sunday goes by where scripture is not read in some form or fashion. There is an entire industry of daily devotionals dedicated to providing daily scripture reading for you andContinue reading “Stepping into Scripture”

Midweek – Philemon

Letters From Prison Question: Have you ever had to convince someone to do something that you knew that they wouldn’t like?  Maybe you had to really think of how you were going to craft your argument in order to lead that person to the conclusion that you want them to reach.  If you haven’t hadContinue reading “Midweek – Philemon”