Sliders and Sangria

Wesley has been taking retreats for years. Our menu has varied on these retreats, but there was a time when every saturday lunch looked the same…THESE AMAZING AND SIMPLE SLIDERS. For Wesley Hour, we simplify our food, but since most of you are home with others I thought I would bulk this one up aContinue reading “Sliders and Sangria”

Pretzels and Pineapple

Ready for this weeks Wesley Hour? We are sticking with the buffalo theme in the case you still have some of that Franks hot sauce on hand! This is a simple and tasty snack…and is also awesome if you throw these in a bowl of popcorn! The drink is a standard party punch and IContinue reading “Pretzels and Pineapple”

simple comforts

When you are stuck at home there isn’t a lot I can give you.  You are someplace, hunkered down with your family, “preparing” for online classes, and in all actuality likely binging on Netflix.  This is undoubtedly the weirdest spring break since the spring break of 1918.  Right now, you may be missing Wesley.  YouContinue reading “simple comforts”