A song for the broken // Be Still

Hey Wesley! My name is Christian, and as crazy as it is to say, I will be a senior at SMU next year. My Wesley story started later than most; I came to two Wells (iykyk) my freshman year while I was still figuring out where I belonged, but second semester of my sophomore yearContinue reading “A song for the broken // Be Still”

Find me in the River

A couple of months ago, I was just watching tv when I saw it. The trailer. I saw KJ Apa’s face and I was immediately drawn in (I mean who isn’t??), then I heard his name, Jeremy Camp. I grew up with his name. His voice and his faith surrounding me on every car tripContinue reading “Find me in the River”

Jesus we love you…

If you didn’t know, Corbin Healy is on our leadership team for Wesley House and his role is Worship. Corbins heart for setting the space for us to engage with the spirit has blessed me and Andrew far beyond what we could imagine. He has worked passionately and diligently this year to make sure thatContinue reading “Jesus we love you…”

Graves Into Gardens

A few weeks ago it started to wear on me not being with Wesley House students.  I started missing worship with you. I started missing The Table in its pre digital form.  I started missing Nights of Worship. I started missing retreat and the times of worship on retreat.   Around that same time, Alyssa sentContinue reading “Graves Into Gardens”