Stepping into Scripture

Reading Scripture as a Spiritual Discipline Similar to prayer, scripture reading is one of the most commonly practiced spiritual disciplines amongst Christians.  Not a single Sunday goes by where scripture is not read in some form or fashion. There is an entire industry of daily devotionals dedicated to providing daily scripture reading for you andContinue reading “Stepping into Scripture”

Move More

Exercise  In our last segment on spiritual disciplines we talked about prayer.  Today I want to talk about the importance of physical activity. Initially it may seem as if exercise would not qualify as a spiritual discipline. However, we will see that scripture tells us otherwise and when we care for our physical wellbeing weContinue reading “Move More”

Discipline is a good thing.

We all agree, when we use the word “discipline” there is immediately a negative vibe that we all get. No one wants to be disciplined…especially in response to a behavior that was slightly unacceptable. But what if we sought out disciplines to help order our behavior? this is what Spiritual discipline is all about. WeContinue reading “Discipline is a good thing.”