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Wesley House is a place for college students where community is developed, questions are discussed, faith is deepened, and purpose is discovered. This site exists to give you resources to forge deeper into all of these areas. We are so glad you are here.

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Peace and Volatility

Volatility Volatile: Liable to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse. Does this word seem relatable? ‘Volatile’ seems to be stuck in my mind after 2020 and a rough start to 2021. The world around us seems to be chaotic, unpredictable, and, if I’m being honest, hopeless at times. You might be feeling someContinue reading “Peace and Volatility”

take heart…

John 16:33 This text is a such a helpful one to have written on our hearts. It is confirming something that we all hate to hear and don’t want to accept or believe as truth. But then, It offers us the most unexpected hope. The reality is, for us, sometimes it is easier to acceptContinue reading “take heart…”

even youth grow tired…

Our verse this week is from the prophet Isaiah. This was for the people of Israel at the time but speaks forward even for us today. Oftentimes we see adults drag through day after day with unbelievable fatigue.  It is almost like caffeine is the only thing keeping them from completely falling on the floorContinue reading “even youth grow tired…”

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